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Become A Savvy Seller

As a homeowner, you play a very important part in the timely sale of your property. Below are a few steps for you to help us work with you in selling your home as soon as the market allows and at the best price.

bullet First Impressions, Lasting Memory. "Curb appeal" is an important term in the vocabulary of any real estate sales professional. When you stand curbside at your home, what do you see? A well-manicured lawn? A clutter-free porch? Freshly painted  or at least freshly scrubbed walls? A few minutes spent looking at your home the way potential buyers will see it will make their decision to buy your home that much quicker.
bullet Now To The Inside . . . . "Curb appeal" is only half of the equation in the successful and profitable sale of your home. The other half is the impression made when your potential buyer first steps into the house. Spend a little time now cleaning up scuff marks on the floor and the walls. Fresh wallpaper, and even some fresh paint are just some simple worthwhile investments that will pay dividends when your prospective buyer makes an offer to buy.
bullet Check Faucets and Bulbs. Do you have an annoying drip from one of your faucets that you don't notice any more? Well, you may have gotten used to it, but to your prospective buyer it will stand out loud and clear! Burned out light bulbs, or some faulty wiring not repaired will detract from what's right with your home.
bullet Do The Doors Work? If cabinets or closet doors stick in your home, you can be sure they will "stick" in the minds of your prospective buyers. Don't leave it to the real estate professional showing your home to "check in" on this problem do it yourself, and do it now!
bullet Be Safety Conscious. Do you have slippery throw-rugs, "booby traps" on the stairs, or extension cords lying about on your floors? You may not notice them, but your prospective buyers will, and it may leave them wondering about other "problems" not so readily seen.
bullet Space, the Buyer's Frontier. Potential buyers are not only looking for a comfortable place to live they are also looking for storage space. So, when they look into your closets, or basement or attic, make sure they see clear space that is free of unnecessary items
bullet Organize, Organize, Organize. The better organized you make your closet space, the larger it will appear. Start boxing up unwanted clothes and other items. Plan a garage sale, or donate these items to some deserving charity.
bullet Make That Bathroom Sparkle. Here's something every real estate sales professional knows: bathrooms sell homes. Well, make your bathrooms shine! Make repairs to damaged or unsightly caulking in the tub or the shower. Change your shower curtain, and put out the best towels.
bullet Is Your Bedroom Dull? If so, get rid of any excess furniture, spruce up the paint or wallpaper, clean the carpets and put out some colorful bedspreads and curtains. Wow, what a difference this will make, and if you can see it, think about what your potential buyers will say!
bullet The Power of Light. Pull back the curtains in the daytime, and turn on lights throughout the house in the evening. Light in the day makes the house feel cheery and well lived in, while light at night gives the feeling of warmth and "home."
bullet Security In Numbers? This isn't always true when your are trying to sell your home. If there are too many people crowded about the house, potential buyers will rush through instead of giving your home the time it deserves. Keep the crowd in your home to a minimum, or, better yet, step outside, or go for a walk or a ride while your potential buyers take a tour of your home.
bullet What To Do With The Animals? Dogs and cats are great companions, but not when you are trying to sell your home. They have a habit of getting underfoot, appearing in places you least want them to. Rule of thumb: Keep your animals outside, or at least out of the way.
bullet Meet With Your Agent. When the house is ready, inside and out,  do a "walk-through" of the entire property one more time. If there are some areas  that you think need some extra explanation, write them down and discuss them with us. Let us field all questions while you stay in the background.
bullet Talking Price. If prospective buyers want to talk price, or terms or other real estate matters, refer them to us, your agent. We are experts in all these things and will best represent your interests in every aspect of the sale and/or negotiations.
bullet Scheduling. We will have an easier time selling your home if showings are schedule through us. Please have the interested party contact us and we will work with them.

Anymore questions about selling your home? Contact us. We are your Real Estate Professionals and are ready to assist you before, during and after the sale


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